Does the iPhone 4 break easy?

Answer It is unlocked with an expansion pack available in the app store

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Does the iPhone 4S break easy?

Ive had mine for 3 months , and dropped it 3-4 times and it's perfectly fine, I suggest to hold it tight over pavement and rocks etc, the screen is most likely to bream before anything else , I've ... Read More »

Does sn iPhone break easy?

Once you have the update you simply hold down an app to edit app and pick it up and drag it over a top of anything until a box or " folder" forms and release

Easy way to break your arm or wrist?

You don't want to.I broke my wrist twice and it hurt like hell. What hurt worse than that was i tore some ligaments in my foot and ankle and very badly spraigned them. please don't do it cause you ... Read More »

How can I break my leg fast and easy?

Just plead insanity...there is NO easy way to break any bone! Besides, breaking the leg will only delay the inevitable!