Does the iPad 2 have better battery life than iPhone 4S?

Answer No they have same amount of battery.

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Does the battery life for a droid razr last longer than the iPhone 4S?

You are not able to download Microsoft Office however, OneNote is available for iDevices

Is the iPhone 4 better than the iPad?

I personally think the iPhone 4 is the better. But that's because it is a phone and Internet browser and camera bla bla. But really it is what you want to use it for. I find the phone more convenie... Read More »

Is an iPhone 4S better than an iPad 2?

Well technically speaking the iPhone 4s is obviously a phone with the characteristics of a phone so you would buy it if you need a phone. The iPad 2 is also useful because of a large screen and I u... Read More »

Is it better to have a larger hard drive iPhone or iPad?