Does the iGo Keyboard work with a PC?

Answer The iGO Keyboard can work with a PC or Macintosh computer. The stowaway keyboard connects to phones and mobile devices through a Bluetooth connection, therefore any device with Bluetooth capabilit... Read More »

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Does a Bluetooth computer keyboard work with a PS3?

A Bluetooth computer keyboard does work with the PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game system. Connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the PS3 to use the console's Internet browser as a computer.Referen... Read More »

Will a USB keyboard work with the PS3?

You can plug a USB keyboard into a PlayStation 3 USB port for use with the system on the Internet.You can buy a third party keyboard or a Sony keyboard for this task.References:Mac World: PlayStati... Read More »

Will a macally keyboard work with a pc?

According to Macally, all of their keyboards will work with Windows and other personal computers. However, because they're designed for Macintosh computers, Macally keyboards don't include Windows-... Read More »

Will Dell SK-6000 keyboard work with a USB?

The Dell Silitek SK6000 keyboard cannot connect directly to a USB port because it uses a six-pin PS/2 connection. However, you can connect it to a USB port if you have a PS/2 to USB adapter.Referen... Read More »