Does the hydrogen generator really work?

Answer On One Hand: Hydrogen Generators are a Brilliant IdeaMany types of hydrogen generators exist, including those made to run or help run automobiles and those made to help with household energy needs.... Read More »

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How to Connect a Hydrogen Generator to a Car?

Introducing hydrogen gas, generated by a hydrogen generator known as a electrolyzer, into the intake of your vehicle's engine will increase fuel mileage and lower emissions. This modification is no... Read More »

Why Is Hydrogen Cooling Used for a Generator?

Hydrogen is used as a coolant in many turbogenerators. Generators produce a tremendous amount of heat, and the inner workings must be constantly cooled in order to avoid damage. Generators can be c... Read More »

How much water is used up in a hydrogen generator?

The amount of water used in a hydrogen generator varies by the model, size and production capacity. Water usage can range from 10 milliliters per hour to over 400,000 milliliters per hour.Source:H... Read More »

Instructions on How to Make a Hydrogen Generator?

Making hydrogen in a small quantity can be a fun experience as a science project or other project. Creating a hydrogen generator can be done using a small battery, some wire, water and a glass. Whe... Read More »