Does the humidity or heat have any effect on appetite?

Answer if you are drinking enough water, you should not have a problem with your appetite when it's hot or humid...but we do accept foods that we can burn off quicker when it's hot or humid reas... Read More »

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Is loss of appetite a side effect of Gardasil?

According to, loss of appetite is not a normal side effect of Gardasil. However, it does recommend contacting a physician, or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, if any othe... Read More »

What Effect Does Humidity Have on Human Hair?

Humidity, which is defined by the measurement of invisible moisture in air vapor, can cause changes in the way human hair behaves. Understanding those changes can help prevent hair mishaps on humi... Read More »

Do heat pumps remove humidity?

Heat pumps remove heat and humidity during the summer months. During the cooling cycle, after a few minutes of operation, water trickles from the condensate drain of the indoor cooling coil. A high... Read More »

Why do electric dryers vent heat and humidity outside?

rowlfe's suggestion of a diverter valve is is good but if the house has forced air heat, instead of installing a lint trap I run the diverted dryer exhaust directly into the furnace return air line... Read More »