Does the htc wildfire have a QR scanner on it?

Answer If it is not with it then also you can download that software from Android Market.Search for "QR" or "Barcode Scanner".

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Does the Wildfire S lag as hard as the original Wildfire?

The wildfire S does have a better processor (600 MHz vs 528MHz), so it doesn't lag as bad. But the wildfire S isn't very fast compared to faster phones like the HTC sensation XE either.

Does the HTC wildfire have Skype?

It does, but the sound quality is terrible. The other person's sound is incredibly choppy and it's not really worth using. So yes, it has Skype - but no, it doersn't work properly.

Does htc wildfire have free gps?

Technically yes, it comes with very good google maps software. In my experience it is good but you can't cache any of the maps and the maps ain't stored on the device. As long as your in a wifi hot... Read More »

Does the HTC wildfire have notes?

As far as I can tell, you need to download an application from the market to do that.