Does the htc inspire have swype?

Answer The plan is to have this by summer 2011.

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How do you download swype for HTC Inspire 4G?

In some countrys it is because alot of people get killed from that.

How to Get Swype?

Let’s be honest - typing on an Android can be extremely annoying. Swype is a handy app that lets you swipe from one key to another on your virtual Android keyboard instead of typing each letter i... Read More »

Will swype be put on the iPad?

I am typing this response on my iPad. Yes swype will come to the iPad and they are currently in development for iphone and iPad. I have swype for my android eve 4g and it is a great software invention

How do you turn off swype on the htc evo 4g?

Click and hold the typing box where you type (not the keyboard) and it will say "input method" and choose "touch input"