Does the heart slow during an asthma attack?

Answer On One Hand: Racing HeartAsthma, or the constriction of bronchial tubes in the lungs, is generally thought to speed up a person's heart rate, not slow it down. "The pulse usually quickens, and the ... Read More »

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How to Help an Asthmatic During a Asthma Attack and a Panic Attack?

You and your best friend are jogging the school required 800 meter. Your friend has asthma in the most serious form and often has panic attacks too. As you jog you tell her about what you heard so ... Read More »

I had seizure(sharp pain from the heart) is it due to asthma or is it the beginning of a heart attack?

Yes, it COULD and may be a sign of a potential heart attack or stroke. Note for any other bodily signs such as dizziness, blurred vision, impaired speech, etc. OR it may be a symptom called angina... Read More »

What actually happens to the heart during a heart attack?

The heart muscles will die due to poor nourishment of oxygen. The oxygenated blood will not reach cardiac muscles due to the blockages of the coronary arteries. There are three main coronary arteri... Read More »

What causes arm pain during heart attack?

Well first off to answer your question the pain that some people have in their arm(s) during a heart attack is a referred pain. Referred pain is when you experience in one part of your body when th... Read More »