Does the green tea diet work?

Answer On One Hand: No Evidence for Green Tea and Weight LossSeveral small studies on the effects of green tea extract capsules for weight loss have produced mixed results. Therefore, recommendations for ... Read More »

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Is Green tea bad on Atkins diet?

Will a green wall work as a green screen?

Green-Cheeked Conure Diet?

Green-cheeked conures require a diet of parrot pellets, fruit and vegetables, with limited seeds and high-fat treats. Inquisitive birds, they enjoy variety, and can learn to accept new foods if the... Read More »

Does diet lipton green tea with citrus have caffeine?

On One Hand: All Tea Contains CaffeineLipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus contains 12 mg of caffeine per eight oz. of tea. The average bottle, sold in retail and grocery stores, comes in 16-oz. bottl... Read More »