Does the gravity of a black hole bend rays of light?

Answer Yes. The extreme gravitational force present in a black hole bends the light rays that pass near (but not too near) it, so that you see multiple images of each star, forming the distinctive white b... Read More »

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How does a black hole act as a vacuum cleaner?

It technically doesn't, given that a vacuum cleaner works via air pressure differences, and space is mostly a vacuum already. What it does do, is by an enormous amount of mass focused in a small po... Read More »

How Do Concave Lenses Bend Light?

Light is famous for being the fastest thing in the universe. Everybody knows that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. However, the speed of light does not always stay the same. It travel... Read More »

Who discovered the laws of motion, light, and gravity?

The laws of motion, light, and gravity were discovered by English scientist Isaac Newton. The story goes that Newton first had the idea for gravity by watching an apple fall in his orchard in 1665 ... Read More »

Does the dishwasher cleaner go in the hole receptacle in the door or in the hole by the spinning blades?

Vacuum cleaners do not meet the minimum requirements for biological life, so they are not living organisms. They do not grow, reproduce or adapt to the environment by changing.