Does the giant panda eat meat?

Answer Giant pandas mainly eat bamboo stalks and leaves, but their diet also consists of fruits, grasses, bulbs and insects. Giant pandas also occasionally catch and eat small mammals, such as rodents, an... Read More »

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What does the giant panda eat?

Giant pandas are an endangered species of bear that are native to southwest China. Even though giant pandas are carnivores, they live almost exclusively off of bamboo and eat upward of 84 lbs. of t... Read More »

What plant does the giant panda eat?

The giant panda eats bamboo almost exclusively; bamboo makes up 99 percent of its diet. The giant panda spends between 10 and 12 hours eating bamboo every day. Because the panda's bamboo-rich habit... Read More »

Does the giant panda belong to the bear family?

The giant panda is a member of the family Ursidae, or bear family. There were only 1,600 giant pandas living in the wild as of 2010, with another 160 in zoos around the world.Source:National Zoo: G... Read More »

What habitat does the giant panda live in?

Giant pandas live in the broadleaf and coniferous forests of southwest China in elevated areas about 5,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. Because of the high elevation, it is usually cloudy and ra... Read More »