Does the flu shot actually weaken a human's immunities?

Answer On One Hand: Acquired Immunities Increase Over TimeAccording to the book "Human Physiology, Eighth Edition" by Arthur Vander, James Sherman and Dorothy Luciano, you acquire immunities as you encoun... Read More »

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How Have Critical Thinking Skills in Humans Actually Evolved Over Time?

In 2005 Bruce T. Lahn of the University of Chicago released a study revealing that certain genes present in the brain had multiplied, possibly aiding brain function. A human being's ability to eva... Read More »

Actually, inspired by a question someone else just asked, are bacteria and viruses top predators, not humans,?

Definitely not humans. In fact, just ants alone, outdo humans. Taken together, they all weigh more than humans, and they eat practically anything.

Is it true that the blood in a humans vein is actually blue before it gets in contact with oxygen?

Blood is *never* blue. Blood is described as dark red (venous) or bright red (arterial). Our veins look blue because we are looking at them *through* our skin. The blood inside them is dark red ... Read More »

How does an immunization weaken the immune system?

Actually, immunization makes a healthy immune system stronger for fighting the specific organism in the vaccine (or a very similar one). Side Note: There have been isolated incidents (like the va... Read More »