Does the flip video have a pause?

Answer no it doesn't

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Can You Pause A Flip Share Video Camera?

No. No pause during video recording. To combine the clips, import the video to your computer and use a video editor to tie them together to make one long video.

How many mega pixels does the ultra hd flip video camera have?

Effective Video Resolution 0.31 megapixels. 9.0Mbps (auto-adaptive algorithm) average bitrate.

What cameras have a pause option while making a video?

only phones and exspensivce ones for like 99 quid or somthing

Can you pause the flip slide hd camcorder?

Camcorders have a built in pause button. It is called the button you press you to start and stop recording a video. There is no camera available that can pause the video your taking, because doin... Read More »