Does the fda regulate bottled water?

Answer The FDA regulates bottled water that is sold across state lines, just like any other food. Water that is bottled and sold in a single state are not federally regulated but is subject to state stand... Read More »

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Does softened water or bottled water effect plant growth?

It depends on the plant and on the klimate the plant originate fromSome orkids can only survive with softened water, others cant survive without alot of calcium in the water(tap-water) - and in a ... Read More »

Does bottled water or tap water affect plant growth?

Some tap water contains iodine, which can be harmful and/or affect a plant's growth. Many brands of bottled water have numerous minerals filtered out, which can also affect plant growth. Good old r... Read More »

Does bottled water taste better than tap water?

seriously yes in my case, honestly my water even my shower smells like pot, I'm not kidding, it's really weird, so in my case yes!

Does bottled water contain THM?

THMs (trihalomethanes) are chemical compounds that form in water after chlorine is added and the chlorine reacts with organic matter in the water. THMs are found in bottled water and, to protect pu... Read More »