Does the father have the right to weekend visitaion if he hasn't any income?

Answer yes

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If you are 16 and do not like your father do you have to go to his house every other weekend for visitation?

Answer First off you have to ask yourself why you hate your father. These are some reasons:Talks to you in an abusive manner when you have not instigated this behaviorHits you without a reasonIs s... Read More »

Does a 12-year-old girl have the legal right to choose if she wants to be with her father on the weekend that is scheduled?

Answer if you ask your mom to take him to court and she asks the judge if he or she will allow you to speak for yourself and say what you would like to do as far as living situations and visitng i... Read More »

Do you have to be on your father's insurance if you have a learner's permit but only drive his car one weekend every 4 weeks?

It is my understanding that the minor/permit holder does not have to go on their parents insurance, but is covered by their parents---they can not drive alone. You have to put them on your insuranc... Read More »

If you have primary residential custody what can you do if the father refuses to return your son after a weekend visit?

Answer File parental kidnapping charges. File contempt with state. If you know where the child is being kept and the other parent isn't there you can pick up the child at the babysisters. Answer ... Read More »