Does the father have the right to be in the birthing room?

Answer Nobody has the right to be in the delivery room except the patient and the medical personnel. If you do not want anyone else in the delivery room you should discuss it with your doctor ahead of tim... Read More »

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How old do you have to be to be in the birthing room?

Every hospital has different rules and regulations regarding children being present during a birth. It would be advisable to contact your doctor beforehand to find out. Generally, children ages 10 ... Read More »

How can a delivery room and a birthing room different?

Im sorry but i am trying to study for my child care exams and i can't find it eeither,im sorry i couldn't help:)

Is it ok for your 8yr old daughter to share a room with her father and 11 yr old brother?

There can be different answers and many different opinions. It depends upon the values/ culture.Poor and not so aflluent people having a single room house can't do without this ( especially when th... Read More »

Can you keep the father out of the delivery room before and after the child is born or at least until you leave the hospital?

Answer Yes, you decide who is or isn't in the delivery room. His legal rights to the child do not extend to the delivery room. However, once the baby is born, he has as much right to it as you do. ... Read More »