Does the fake ghd work aswell as the real one?

Answer No it's skin sensitive so pens don't work

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Girl dies (not fake) video on Youtube... Fake REal?

This video is a is viral marketing for a film directed by Kyle Rankin called "Exhibit 5-B". Among his other works is a flick called Nuclear Family which "claudiamckinney" (the originat... Read More »

Does the snowbootsinc website sell real uggs or are they fake?

You can check if any site is legit on the official UGG site - they have a list of every single website in the world selling authentic UGGS…if they aren't ... Read More »

AMZECUA Bio disc IS it real does it work ?

Some look fake but most of them look ridiculously real Example McNamara's mother in law had a face lift and then you saw the difference Are some of the operations on the show NipTuck real?

No. Ms Hartley, born in June of 1940, is too old to have played Trudy. Melora Hardin and Stellina Rusich each played Trudy, while Lindy Newton played Trudy in a college flashback in the fifth season.