Does the eye grow from birth?

Answer Yes it does, Not by all that much though. Especially not compared to the rest of the body. Babies have big eyes but they're only about 2/3's or so their adult size.

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Which is the organ that doesnt grow from the birth?

your eyes stay the same forever FOREVER !!!!! they will never grow

Can a father who isn't on a child's birth certificate take them from the birth mother?

United States First let's clear the question of legal authority: a father cannot "take" children from their mother. Laws that allowed that degree of authority by a man over a woman have been off th... Read More »

Can the Birth Certificate of an Adopted Child be changed legally from the original Birth Date?

While it is possible to change a child's birth date, it requires proof of some kind. Frequently this happens with kids adopted from overseas, whose actual birth dates are not known. A "best guess" ... Read More »

Does the birth of a child differ from an adult and a teenager?

adults get worse hemheroids or whatever, and i think teenagers get worse hormonal impact.