Does the eye grow from birth?

Answer Yes it does, Not by all that much though. Especially not compared to the rest of the body. Babies have big eyes but they're only about 2/3's or so their adult size.

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Do your eye balls grow after birth?

no your eye balls dont grow after birth happens to a new born kid

Which is the organ that doesnt grow from the birth?

your eyes stay the same forever FOREVER !!!!! they will never grow

Do birth control pills make your breasts grow?

A modest increase in breast size is a possible side effect of birth control pills. However, other side effects include weight gain, bloating and nausea, and breasts will usually shrink again when y... Read More »

I want to grow taller im a male and 17 years old im 5.8 in height will i grow any more my dad is 5.5 and mom is 5.4 i dont do drugs smokeing or drink alchol i would like to grow six foot?

Answer If you are a female you may not grow much more. You are probably at your full height and natural adult weight.If you are male, you may grow for another 3 years or so. You can probably bulk... Read More »