Does the energy breakfast make your hair grow faster ?

Answer Your hair grows at a fixed rate, roughly .5" per month. Assuming that you are in good health and eat a balanced diet, there's NOTHING that you can stuff in your cake hole or smear on your head tha... Read More »

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Does Wearing Your Hair Up Make It Grow Faster?

Some hair experts advise wearing hair up to speed growth and produce more beautiful hair. This is true, but only if done correctly. If you're not careful, an updo can bring on more damage than it f... Read More »

Does castor oil make your hair grow faster?

Castor oil makes the hair grow thicker. As a side note, emu oil awakens your hair follicles and causes hair to grow.

Does fish oil make your hair grow faster?

Fish oils may make your hair healthier due to the omega 3 fatty acids, but it will fail to make your hair grow faster.Some cases of androgenic alopecia may involve inflammation of the hair follicle... Read More »

Does anyone know any way to make your hair grow a lot faster?

As weird as it may sound... horse shampoo and conditioner. It honestly does work great, and most people at my school are using it now. You can get it at Walgreens, Meijer, Walmart, almost anywhere.