Does the employer tax id change each year?

Answer The employer tax ID, known as the EIN (Employer Identification Number), doesn't necessarily change every year. It must be changed every time that the form of the business changes, such as a sole pr... Read More »

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Can an employer change insurance companies in the middle of the year and give the employees less than 2 weeks notice?

%REPLIES% Answer Employers usually change their insurance on their renewal date which is anytime of the year. Yours may just have happened to be in the middle of the year. They do not have to giv... Read More »

How long does an employer have to change U.S. deductions?

Employers must make changes to U.S. deductions effective the pay period containing the 30th day after receiving a new W-4. If the W-4 is received March 5, and the pay periods are March 1st to the 1... Read More »

How far does Australia move each year?

The plate that the continent of Australia is on moves about 6 cm each year. Different plates move at different speeds; the African plate for example, moves at a rate of about 25 cm per year.Source... Read More »

How much does a car depreciate each year?

There are many factors that determine how much a car depreciates each year. There are also various methods for calculating depreciation, especially for tax purposes.DefinitionDepreciation is the d... Read More »