Does the eardrum look like a drum?

Answer Contrary, to its name, nothing like it! The eardrum is cone shaped, pointing inwards. I think of it being called an ear''drum' because it absorbs sound, much like a drum absorbs vibrations when it ... Read More »

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Can cause eardrum fussiness?

Did I blow my eardrum?

You may have ruptured your eardrum, but not necessarily. Let the doctor take a look at it and make the diagnosis. Incidentally, I once overdid what you did (not with the Q-tip, but by blowing the n... Read More »

I think I may have ruptured my eardrum?

Im pretty sure if you have a ruptured ear drum you are temporarily deaf in that ear until it heals. I may be wrong but it just sounds like you've damaged your ear in some other way.Ok scratch that.... Read More »

What happens when you blow your eardrum?

exactly what you just describes. go to the ear doctor. and stay away from the headphones.