Does the drug crestor cause hair loss?

Answer On One Hand: Hair Loss Is Not A Known Side EffectCrestor, a member of the drug family known as Statins, is prescribed to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels within the body. While Crestor and the oth... Read More »

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Does taking crestor create hair loss?

On One Hand: Hair Loss PossibleCrestor is a type of statin, a group of prescription drugs used to lower high cholesterol and fight plaque buildup in arteries to prevent disease, according to FirstM... Read More »

Why does no one answer the question about the drug Propecia for hair loss?

Nobody cares that you are balding except for you...and in fact women (assuming you are straight?) find baldness 'biologically-attractive' because the most common cause is higher-than-average levels... Read More »

Can a drug overdose cause memory loss?

Abusing drugs that have no therapeutic benefit can easily result in a drug overdose. Prescribed medications also can be abused and cause an overdose. Many drugs are addictive, although the dependen... Read More »

Does Blow Drying Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Blow drying can cause permanent damage to hair strands which result in devastating effects, such as hair loss. Blow drying dries out hair, weakens hair shafts and then results in permanent hair bre... Read More »