Does the diet patch work?

Answer On One Hand: Diet Patch Ingredients Can Burn FatMost diet patches contain guarana, hoodia or chromium. These ingredients have been clinically proved to work: Guarana has been shown to increase meta... Read More »

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Does the patch work to quit smoking?

On One Hand: The Patch Can Help Smokers QuitThe patch is a form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which helps smokers quit by reducing the withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine addictio... Read More »

Does patch perfect work to start a lawn?

On One Hand: Easy to UsePatch Perfect is easy to apply to spots on a lawn. Simply spread the grass seed mixture on top of the empty patch, and you're finished. The mixture contains a variety of fer... Read More »

Does the Perfect Patch grass system work?

more info needed ?but I think your talking about the bag of grass seed and all the perfect patch is a mix of shade & sunny seed to fill in a bare spot in your lawn

Does Perfect Patch grass seed work?

On One Hand: The science behind the product is goodPatch Perfect grass seeds vary from others in that they are encased in a fertilizer, which helps the seed to absorb and retain water. This system ... Read More »