Does the debt of a deceased person have to be paid?

Answer On One Hand: The Deceased's Estate Is ChargedDebts and death are complicated. When a person dies and leaves outstanding debts behind, what usually happens, according to "," is their ... Read More »

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What happens to the debt of a deceased person?

Debts owed by the newly dead do not disappear; they must be satisfied by the deceased person's estate. Even a family home left behind by the deceased is fair game to creditors, which can force the ... Read More »

Who is responsible for a deceased person's debt?

The executor of the estate, as named in the will, is responsible for paying a deceased person's debt. In the absence of a will, the spouse is responsible, in many states. If there is neither a will... Read More »

Who pays the credit card debt of a deceased person in Tennessee?

Unless you were a credit card co-signer, you are not responsible for any credit card debt of someone deceased in Tennessee. The estate executor will decide how the deceased's money will be paid to ... Read More »

Can personal property or a paid off condominium be taken by a debt collector to pay off credit card debt in Pa?

Creditors may certainly look to seize/attach your assets of most types to pay the debts you promised or obligated to pay and don't. They also get to recover any costs for having to act to have you ... Read More »