Does the debt of a deceased person have to be paid?

Answer On One Hand: The Deceased's Estate Is ChargedDebts and death are complicated. When a person dies and leaves outstanding debts behind, what usually happens, according to "," is their ... Read More »

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What happens to the debt of a deceased person?

Debts owed by the newly dead do not disappear; they must be satisfied by the deceased person's estate. Even a family home left behind by the deceased is fair game to creditors, which can force the ... Read More »

Who pays the credit card debt of a deceased person in Tennessee?

Unless you were a credit card co-signer, you are not responsible for any credit card debt of someone deceased in Tennessee. The estate executor will decide how the deceased's money will be paid to ... Read More »

How much time after the original debt is paid does an HOA have to file a Release of Lien in California?

Please review your lien documents and notifications. Often, release of the lien is your responsibility. A Release of Lien is made available to the debtor by the association's attorney, and the deb... Read More »

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