Does the crown courts need insurance?

Answer Check the following: 1. Yourself or your attorney review your lease or mortgage regarding property and liability insurance requirements. (Property and Liability Risk Exposures) 2. Review any cont... Read More »

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Crown Courts?

The crown court system was created by the Courts Act of 1971. It is a court with more power to convict serious offenders compared to the smaller magistrate's court. The crown court deals with serio... Read More »

Do you get charged by military courts or civilian courts for crimes committed on a base?

If you commit a crime on an American military base, you are subject to military law, and will be prosecuted by the military. As a 1971 U.S. Supreme Court case states, "An offense committed by a ser... Read More »

How were church courts and manor or royal courts different from each other?

I think the first thing to consider is the word 'court' and what it implies. Originally a royal court encompassed the hierarchy from king or queen down through the nobility and royal advisors surro... Read More »

Will dental insurance coverage the crown for an implant?

If I correctly understand you question the answer is many insurances will not cover this because implants are considered "Cosmetic", but you will have to check your plan.