Does the cost of 3D TV affect its performance?

Answer Most of us believe this quote, "the more you pay, the more you get." Most reviews also reviewed those expensive 3D TVs and rated them whether they're good or bad. However, we, as the customers, mus... Read More »

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Does dust affect my PC's performance?

Dust can affect the performance of your computer. You should clean it out regularly, about every couple of months. Dust can make parts stop working or block the airflow that your computer needs.

Does shading cells affect Microsoft Excel performance?

Cell shading can slow down Excel, if the following conditions are true: You normally print through a network printer, and your computer is no longer hooked up to a network. Excel will query the p... Read More »

Does a negative attitude affect your performance at work?

On One Hand: Your Work Performance May SufferComplacency mixed with a negative attitude may affect your ability to care about the work you do. If you are dissatisfied with your employer, subordinat... Read More »

Does hard drive access speed affect a servers performance?

Sure it does. You can't serve the data to the clients until you get it off the drive.