Does the company Ty only make Beanie Babies?

Answer The company Ty makes more than just Beanie Babies, although they are the mainstay of the company. Ty also makes regular stuffed animals from popular movies or TV shows, and also produces clothing a... Read More »

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What does the"Ty"stand for on Beanie Babies?

The "Ty" that is labeled on every Beanie Baby is the name of the manufacturing company, Ty Inc. The company is named after the maker of Beanie Babies, Ty Warner.References:About Beanies: Beanie Tim... Read More »

How to Collect TY Beanie Babies?

Beanies!TY Beanie Babies are adorable and fun to collect! Although they were most likely meant for children's toys, many collectors of all ages can find entertainment in this great hobby.

How do I donate Beanie Babies?

Beanie Babies, a small stuffed animal, were extremely popular collectibles in the 1990's and many people have hundreds of them and don't know what to do with them. Beanie babies are now a favorite ... Read More »

How did beanie babies start?

Beanie Babies were made by Ty Warner and sold through his company Ty Warner, Inc. The company was later renamed Ty, Inc. The original nine Beanie Babies were introduced at the World Toy Fair in 199... Read More »