Does the color of a laser affect the power?

Answer The power of a laser is related to its color. A green laser emits a beam of light with the highest concentration. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates laser pointers, which are the most... Read More »

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Does the color of a laser affect its speed?

Laser is light and travels at a constant speed when in a vacuum, regardless of color. If different-colored lasers are traveling through something such as water or glass, there could be a very sligh... Read More »

Does the color of a laser effect its velocity?

Velocity is the speed and direction of something, and how fast it travels in that direction. According to a Rochester Institute of Technology website, the color of a laser's light does not affect i... Read More »

Does smoking affect memory power?

On One Hand: Not a Normal Side EffectThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not list loss of memory power as a typical side effect of smoking. The side effects focus primarily on the car... Read More »

Does the velocity of a laser change with color?

The color of laser light is determined by its wavelength. In a vacuum, the color has no effect on the velocity of the light because the speed of light in a vacuum is constant for all wavelengths. W... Read More »