Does the cia finance the war on terror by selling drugs?

Answer Yes In Every Way

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How to Evict a Tenant Who Is Selling Drugs?

As a landlord, you have the right to dictate what happens on your property, within reason. To protect your rights, landlord-tenant contracts are created to clearly communicate with the tenant your ... Read More »

My son blocked me from seeing his wall on facebook. Do you think he is selling drugs, or is he gay?

Well, Independent Thinker, sounds like he did not fall far from the tree.

Is a scrolling stock ticker better in Google Finance or Yahoo Finance?

On One Hand: Characteristics of Google FinanceGoogle Finance allows you to search for a company using a portion of the company name and will display the results as you type. You can also search by ... Read More »

If you do drugs while you are pregnant how long will the drugs stay in the baby's system?

Remember, the fetus is still developing in the womb. What it experiences there it "perceives" as being normal, so if there are drugs in the woman's body, the baby will be born with its brain "wired... Read More »