Does the child get to chose which parent he or she lives with?

Answer It depends what age .

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Does a parent continue paying child support if the child lives with someone other than the custodial parent?

Yes, until the matter of residence is resolved or the matter is brought to court.

In Wisconsin can a child chose which parent to live with?

Answer No, minors are not allowed to decide with whom they wish to live, including which parent.When parents cannot agree on custodial issues the judge makes the decision for them. That decision i... Read More »

Does the non-custodial parent have to pay child support while the child lives with him for 3 months of the year?

AnswerIf the child is staying with say the father for three monthes then he should keep the money for those monthes to help with the child's needs. Why should you the mother, get the money when you... Read More »

If a parent lives in a different state then there child can you file for child support?

Every child has the legal right to receive financial support from his or her parents, whether the parents are separated, divorced, or were never married -- even when they live in different states o... Read More »