Does the car that you are driving regularly need to be insured in your name?

Answer Answer Not necessarily. Insurance carriers require that you list the primary driver of the vehicle for rating purposes. If you deliberately omit a high risk driver in order to save on premiums they... Read More »

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If you leave the country and no one is driving the car does it need to be insured?

AnswerYes, depending on the following factors; The value of the automobile; lost to theft, vandalism, or fire. The fact that insurance is a criminal enterprise in itself, where in, if you allow you... Read More »

What happens if a car accident was not your fault but you were driving a friend's car that was insured by liability insurance?

AnswerI believe if, before the accident, you are listed as a driver on the insurance policy, then you are allowed to drive the vehicle too. If so, then the car at fault is at fault. If you are not ... Read More »

So that your scanner always takes clear images what maintenance do you need to carry out regularly?

well one thing you can do is take some window cleaning agent and clean the surface that you put the paper on...other than that you shouldnt do anything else. if it still is blurry images check the ... Read More »

If you live in AZ and your spouse in NE and you have AZ tags for a new car that is in his name does the car have to be insured in AZ or NE?

Answer When thru this in Aug of 2005 and AZ DMV was going to revoke title, registration, driver's lic, and chg me a $50 fine unless I fixed promptly; had to buy AZ Auto Insur coverage versus NC ins... Read More »