Does the camera really add 10 pounds?

Answer Please click on the link and read carefully. In photographing human. If you're using wide lens the person will be distorted. What I mean by distorted is the subject become wider. Nose, face, stomac... Read More »

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Best digital camera for under 50 pounds?

I can't think of any that weigh more than 50 pounds. I think the Phase One P65+ digital back is the best digital camera.

Good HD Camera... for under 50 pounds?

If you want new and HD, for £50 you're unlikely to get anything better than the Blackberry. Just make sure that whatever you're recording is well lit. If you just want better quality than the B... Read More »

What is the best digital camera to buy for about 100 to 150 pounds?

The Canon A720 IS is a good choice,the Canon 570 IS is a little less, depending on your budget

What is the best digital camera I can buy for less than 100 pounds?

Samsung S830 - is about £100, a nice little camera and good value for money,…