Does the camera really add 10 pounds?

Answer Please click on the link and read carefully. In photographing human. If you're using wide lens the person will be distorted. What I mean by distorted is the subject become wider. Nose, face, stomac... Read More »

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Does anybody know where I can buy a really cheap digital camera, I don't really mind if it is second Hand.?

Here you go…

What Do I Do If I Have A Really Good Camera, But The Camera Has A Really Bad Mic!?

Firstly, stop doing that annoying things with capital letters at the beginning of every word.Use a seperate mic, then just put the video and the recording together using some cheap/free software. M... Read More »

Why does weighing 265 pounds instead of 180 pounds cause me to feel exhaust4d all day no matter how much I?

Because you are carrying around extra weight

Is 158 pounds really fat for a 20 year old guy :(?

Hope you dont mind me saying this bebe, but you're crazy. You wont loose fat by having one meal a day. As for your weight... seems round about ideal right now at 71kg.... but lets say you dropped t... Read More »