Does the brand name on a TV make any difference today?

Answer Depends on what you want. I like brighter TVs, so went with Plasma; LCDs are supposed to be sharper. I did Zenith, as that at least used to be an American brand when I was a kid. When I'm in a depa... Read More »

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What's the Difference Between Brand & Product?

A brand is broader than a product. A brand relates to the image of a company that affects the way its products and services are perceived in the marketplace. A product is one distinct tangible hard... Read More »

I didn't think I had to go out today, so I back combed my hair like Russel Brand for a laugh. Now Ive.....?

Wash it. If you don't have time for a shower just stick your head under a tap and wet it really well. You should be able to get it to back to normal pretty easily...

Is someone can tell me what those brand sake taste like What are difference Thank you.?

No one of us can tell you that but you can learn for yourself by drinking them.

Is there any real difference in the perfomance of a generic "sd" card vs a more costly name brand?