Does the brand name on a TV make any difference today?

Answer Depends on what you want. I like brighter TVs, so went with Plasma; LCDs are supposed to be sharper. I did Zenith, as that at least used to be an American brand when I was a kid. When I'm in a depa... Read More »

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Is there any real difference in the perfomance of a generic "sd" card vs a more costly name brand?

What's the difference between buying an original name-brand Canon rechargeable battery for?

I urge you to be careful - very careful - when buying generic, no-name rechargeable batteries. I base this warning on this article:…After reading it you ca... Read More »

Make a brand name for.....?

How about "View-Mount" or "EZTV-Mount". Check to see if they're not already copywritten, but either of those would be easy to remember.* * * Always remember to give a "thumbs up" rating for a good... Read More »

Do you care if your clothes are name brand or say, Walmart brand?

I love Walmart clothes!! And also clothes from Fred Meyer. It's so ridiculous to buy name brand clothes that are way too expensive and get worn out, just like everything else.