Does the brand matter with a HDMI cable?

Answer On One Hand: Name Brand HDMI CablesPurchasing a name brand HDMI cable may provide better craftsmanship and materials over cheaper cables found in a retail store. For instance, better terminals will... Read More »

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Does it matter what HDMI cable I buy?

Gold plated cables won't do anything for you. HDMI is digital, meaning it either works, or it doesn't.You won't see any difference between a $2 cable and a $150 cable. Just buy the cheapest one t... Read More »

Does it really matter what kind of hdmi cable you buy?

It only matters on really long cable runs, like over 35 feet. Smaller than that and there should be no difference in most cables.That said, there is a such thing as a poorly constructed HDMI cable ... Read More »

Does It Matter if you spend £5 on a HDMI Cable or £50, some say true 1080?

In my experience the only difference is the price, the one I bought at £5 works just as well as the one I paid £60 for.

What's the best HDMI cable brand?

Do you want to buy a cable or buy a brand? Any cable that meets the HDMI specification will work just as well as any other cable that meets the spec. That's because the signal is digital. The cheap... Read More »