Does the biological parent have visitation rights?

Answer As in a single father? No, not until court ordered. see link

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Can a non-custodial parent with visitation move to another state and still have visitation rights?

Yes. In most jurisdictions, a move out of state by either parent is sufficient cause to re-assess a child's access schedule. The new schedule will take into account the best interests of the child,... Read More »

Does a child have to visit a parent who has visitation rights?

Yes. Court orders must be followed until they can be modified by returning to court and placing the issue before the judge. A custodial parent who doesn't honor the standing visitation order is in ... Read More »

Does a biological child have rights when a parent dies if they have been adopted?

When a child is put up for adoption it means the biological parent has given up all legal rights to the child. In the same way the child has no legal claim on the biological parents. The person tha... Read More »

Do you have the right as an unwed mother to deny the biological father visitation rights?

You do not have the right to deny visitations but if you do, the father can and should request a court hearing to establish his paternity and get visitation rights. He can request custody or joint ... Read More »