Does the biological father still pay support until the adoption is final?

Answer It is generally of extremely questionable morality and ethics to reverse an adoption; if the child had been born to you naturally, would you relinquish parental rights given the same "problem"? If ... Read More »

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What legal issues are there if a father is found not to be the biological father and has been paying court-ordered support Will mother have to reimburse support court costs incurred by father?

Depends on the state you live in.. what about the state of Maine there has never been DNA test nor did the father know about birth until couple years later.

What if biological mother lies under oath about the who the biological father is during adoption proceedings?

If you have sufficient evidence that the statements she made were false, you can file an appeal. If accepted, they could investigate and if proven guilty she would be charged with perjury, or "lyin... Read More »

Can step father sue biological father for support even after order was vacated?

No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.

What rights does the biological father have when you are pregnant an want to consider adoption?

The biological father has the right to pursue custody of the child if you do not want this. In most cases, failure to notify the biological father could derail later adoption plans (which could be ... Read More »