Does the baby food contain salt?

Answer No, baby food does not contain salt.

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Does feta contain salt?

Feta is a brined cheese, which means it is soaked in a bath of salt water. One ounce of this Greek cheese holds more than 300mg of sodium, which is nearly twice the amount of sodium found in the sa... Read More »

What does salt contain?

Common table salt is a chemical combination of sodium and chloride. Salt is actually a crystal that grows as the sodium and chloride atoms bond together. Salt has been used historically as not only... Read More »

Does sea salt contain lead?

On One Hand: Trace Amounts of Lead PresentIt is true that sea salt may contain lead, but usually only trace amounts. For example, an analysis performed by Dowsers, a seller of Celtic Salt, found le... Read More »

How much salt does an apple contain?

A medium apple about 3 inches in diameter contains 2 mg of sodium (salt). The U.S. recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sodium is 2,400 mg or less, and the U.K. RDA is 1,600 mg or less. Apples are ... Read More »