Does the baby become less active during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy?

Answer It truly depends on the baby, how big the baby is, and how much room you have in your womb. Typically, a baby becomes less active because it is harder for him/her to move around. My little girl was... Read More »

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What does white discharge mean during the last weeks of pregnancy?

Why does Toxins usually cause more severe medical problems if exposure is during the first eight weeks of pregnancy rather than during the later weeks?

Because it's in thise first weeks the main organs that will keep the body going is formed, the brain and heart etc.

Is it safe to take penicillin during the last weeks of pregnancy?

Answer If your doctor knows you are pregnant and you are not allergic, take it, he is prescribing it because it is the best antibiotic for your condition.Your baby is probably safe from the penicil... Read More »

Baby Development Guide for 0-40 Weeks During Pregnancy?

In 40 short weeks, your baby grows from a small group of cells to a full-term infant. Here is a guide to your baby's development in the womb.