Does the amount of water given to plants affect their growth?

Answer The amount of water given to plants affects their growth. Giving a plant too much or too little water will hinder its growth. Watering at night is most efficient, since less water evaporates, but y... Read More »

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Does the amount of water affect the growth of plants?

The amount of water available does affect the growth of plants. If there is not enough water for the plant in question, it will grow slowly, and stay small, and it may not flower or fruit. If there... Read More »

Does Talking to Plants Affect Their Growth?

People sometimes talk to their plants, believing that it helps them grow. While some disagree with this concept, evidence suggests that talking to a plant does contribute to its growth. Scientific ... Read More »

Does Overcrowding Plants Affect Their Growth?

There are a number of factors that affect plant growth, including sufficient light, water, soil and soil nutrients. Overcrowding will affect plant growth in many ways, including encouraging the dev... Read More »

Does tap water affect the growth of plants?

On One Hand: Plants Require Water to SurviveWater provides plants with important nutrition throughout their growing cycle. Regardless of whether you are using tap water or distilled water, water is... Read More »