Does the alternator cause transmission problems?

Answer Problems with the alternator do not cause transmission problems because their functions are unrelated. The function of the alternator is to power the car's battery and to run the electrical functio... Read More »

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Can the Alternator Cause Transmission Problems?

As complex as modern automobiles are, there's almost no such thing as a single-system failure. Today's cars are an amalgamation of integrated systems, all carefully interlaced to give the computer ... Read More »

What Can Cause Transmission Problems?

A vehicle's transmission is an integral part of its mechanical functionality. Problems with a vehicle's transmission can seriously limit a vehicle's ability to operate. What follows is a brief list... Read More »

Can an over-filled car transmission cause problems?

Overfilling a car's transmission fluid can damage the transmission. Foaming can occur, which lowers the fluid's ability to absorb heat. It can also raise the pressure in the transmission system. Tr... Read More »

Does humidity cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Increased Humidity Contributes to Skin ConditionsHigh humidity, or moisture in the air, can contribute to acne, according to the Science Line website. Hot, humid conditions increase sw... Read More »