Does the air in salt/pepper/sugar packets matter?

Answer I think the cheap paper might split if there were no air space.Also, could it be to keep the right balance of moisture?

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If spanking is abuse no matter what then doesn't that mean that hugging/kissing is rape no matter what?

Lol, You NAILED THAT PERFECTLY. I agree 100 percent. Spanking is abuse as much as kissing is rape!Edit - I hope I'm not misunderstood here, lol. Meaning spanking IS NOT abuse, and kissing/hugging I... Read More »

What is in Pur packets?

Pur packets contain iron sulphate and calcium hypochlorite, which act as disinfecting agents in contaminated water. Pur packets are used to kill bacteria, parasites and viruses so that unhygienic w... Read More »

How to Sniff Packets?

Packet sniffing is used to monitor packets traveling across a network. Packet sniffing software -- often called network monitoring software -- allows a user to see each byte of information that pas... Read More »

When did sugar first come in packets?

Individual sugar packets were invented in 1945 by Benjamin Eisenstadt of Brooklyn. Unfortunately, Benjamin failed to patent the idea before sharing it with sugar companies. He made up for the poten... Read More »