Does the air ambulance fly at night?

Answer An air ambulance will fly both day and night, since a life may be at stake. Flight specialists arrange for medevacs 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The Air Ambulance service adheres to high safe... Read More »

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Does ambulance coverage include air ambulance?

The best way to answer this is, sometimes. It depends on the particular circumstance of the individual. In order to determine if your policy covers air ambulance, or Medi-Vac, you should consult yo... Read More »

Why are the signs that say ambulance backwards on the front of the ambulance?

So that if you don't hear the sirens or see the flashing lights you will (hopefully) see the word "AMBULANCE" in your rear view mirror, which reverses it so that you will see it "forward".

How much does ambulance service cost?

The total cost of the ambulance service will depend on the level of service provided according to the persons needs. A fee of 400$ is required for basic life support and this fee can increese depen... Read More »

Does the ambulance still arrive if the person in question is dead?

It will depend on the specific situation. In all cases an ambulance will be dispatched if there is any doubt about the persons condition, but if the caller is "reliable" (i.e. off-duty emergency pe... Read More »