Does the Zune 30 gb use iTunes?

Answer No, the Zune 30 GB, nor any other Zune, for that matter, does not run Apple's iTunes program. The Zune 30 GB runs on the Windows Portable Media Center software, a specially designed version of the ... Read More »

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Can I use iTunes with my Zune?

You can use iTunes with your Zune, but there is a drawback. Both iTunes and Zune support AAC and MP3 formats when a CD is ripped into your computer. But according to Matt Rosoff at CNET News, "The ... Read More »

How do I convert iTunes into Zune?

Upgrade iTunes Music to iTunes PlusUpgrade your iTunes purchased tracks (prior to 2007) to iTunes Plus. In 2007 iTunes removed all DRM from their music store, allowing the songs purchased through i... Read More »

How do I convert iTunes to Zune for free?

Download Program Free TrialNavigate to the website in Resources and select "Free Trial." Download the software by following the on-screen instructions, which are different depending on which versio... Read More »

Can iTunes play on a Zune MP3 player?

Microsoft's Zune MP3 player is able to play songs in the AAC format, which is the default file type created when iTunes is used to rip CDs. The Zune cannot normally play DRM-protected songs--which ... Read More »