Does the Wii console have wireless Internet capabilities?

Answer The Nintendo Wii comes ready to connect wirelessly to the Internet out of the box. Users must enter "Wii Settings" on the "Wii Menu" to set up their console to connect to their wireless Internet.So... Read More »

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Does the Wii console have wireless capabilities?

The Nintendo Wii will connect to a wireless Internet network directly out of the box. Go into the Wii menu to connect to a wireless access point. You can then access news, weather and games which y... Read More »

How can i turn on my wireless capabilities?

you'll have to call whatever service you have (ugh) and then ask them how to allow wireless. your wireless is probably turned off so you can't get wireless. anyway i had to have a f*cking person co... Read More »

Does the HP Pavilion a1440n have wireless capabilities?

The HP Pavilion a1440n does not include a wireless card, but you can add one. The Pavilion a1440n has front- and back-mounted USB ports. Additionally, it has two internal PCI slots that you can use... Read More »

How can I tell if my desktop PC has built-in Wireless Networking capabilities?

Few if any desktops come with wireless adapters. If you paid extra at the time you purchased a desktop to have a wireless adapter installed, it should have one. To check to see if there is a wir... Read More »