Does the Syntek fuel additive really work?

Answer On One Hand: No Tests Have Disproved ClaimsSyntek relies on customer testimonials to backup claims that its product increases a car's gas mileage. Since it has not undergone testing from the U.S. E... Read More »

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Does water for fuel really work?

On One Hand: Many People Believe Cars Can Run on WaterThere is a large number of people that believe cars can run on water, claiming that it can reduce or eliminate the need for gasoline. There ar... Read More »

Does hydrogen fuel injection really work?

On One Hand: It Seems to Work in the Real WorldDespite popular hype, hydrogen fuel injection (HFI) doesn't allow a car to burn water. An HFI module breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen, then ... Read More »

How to Use a Fuel Additive?

Fuel additives are generally used to help clean the internal components of your fuel system. Fuel injector cleaner, for example, helps to remove debris that accumulates over time on the fuel inject... Read More »

What additive is good for cleaning out a fuel system?

On One Hand: Many ChoicesA wide variety of good fuel additives are on the market. Several high-quality fuel additives include catalyst, oxygenates and corrosion inhibitor. These additives are used ... Read More »