Does the Storage of Food Affect the Nutritive Value?

Answer You can store food by freezing it, keeping it in the refrigerator, or in the pantry at room temperature. According to a Utah State University study, "your food storage is only as good--and as nutri... Read More »

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Does mold affect house value?

Mold will likely affect the value of your home, according to the Wall Street Journal. People may simply not want to take a risk when there are nearby homes for sale without this issue. How much it ... Read More »

How Does Inflation Affect the Value of Money?

Inflation is largely defined by a rise in the cost of goods and services. That increase occurs when consumers, businesses and the government demand more goods and services than the economy can prov... Read More »

How Does a Swimming Pool Affect Home Value in South Carolina?

Buy a home with an existing swimming pool if that appeals to you, but think carefully before installing a new one, as it may not necessarily increase the home's value enough to justify the expense.... Read More »

How does the sun affect the food web?

In many ecosystems, the sun is the source of energy. Primary producers use photosynthesis to synthesize glucose from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. This energy is then transferred to other org... Read More »