Does the Sprint broadband wireless Aircard 595U work for Xbox Live?

Answer No. The Sprint Aircard 595U by Sierra Wireless requires installation of both device drivers and the Sprint SmartView application before it can access the Internet, and neither is compatible with a... Read More »

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Can my Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem by Sierra Wireless connect to Xbox Live some how?

Yes, a connection can be made. Whether it will be a functioning connection is a whole different matter..

What is a Sprint AirCard?

A Sprint AirCard is a small device that plugs into a laptop to provide a mobile connection to the Internet. You must purchase air time to use the service, which is typically available bundled with ... Read More »

How to Make a PS3 Connection With a Sprint Aircard?

Because the Sony PlayStation 3 natively supports wireless Internet networking, you can make a connection between your PS3 and a Sprint Aircard and use it to access the Internet. The Aircard is not ... Read More »

Does msn messenger work with BT wireless broadband?

Yes I use it all the time... no problems....Only time it doesn't work is if your proxy settings are wrong.. but so long as you can surf the internet without problem you should be able to connect. I... Read More »