Does the Ross family have their own Scottish tartan?

Answer Several thousand different tartans are associated with Scottish clans and families. The Scottish surname Ross is associated with 12 or 13 of these tartans. There are at least eight basic and three ... Read More »

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How to Wear a Scottish Tartan Scarf?

A tartan is the plaid pattern of the clan that a family belongs to in Scotland. Often these plaids were assigned by geographical area rather than by a strict family lineage, since people rarely mov... Read More »

What is the origin of the classic scottish tartan blue&green plaid?

In 1725, General Wade, the officer of the King's Army in Scotland, brought together six companies of Scottish clans loyal to George I. These Highland Companies were dressed in a blue and green tart... Read More »

What song was playing when Ross and Rachel have their date at the planetarium?

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What kind of custody does a family member need to have a child live in their house Mon-Fri and with the parents only on weekends?

You need a power of guardianship to be certain you have rights to make decisions concerning the child's welfare. This can be a hand-written power of guardianship that the parents give to you. Googl... Read More »