Does the "Red Velvet Cupcake" hair dye work does it stay on ?

Answer Generally red hair dye lasts the shortest amount of time because of the chemical or chromosome or something in red hair I can't remember the name of it (it starts with a "t" it's been a while since... Read More »

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How Long Does a Hair Relaxer Stay in Hair?

Hair relaxers are chemicals used to straighten coarse, kinky and curly hair. They are essentially very mild forms of depilatories (hair removal creams) that work by softening hair until it can be e... Read More »

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How far back does work history stay on your record?

For the purposes of employment background checks, a record of work history can go as far back as 10 years,. However, a person's work history begins when he uses his Social Security number to gain e... Read More »

I have biotin for hair growth does it really work Oh and does it also promote wieght loss?

I have been taking hair supplements for the past 3 years and here is what I have found.GNC makes a tablet called "Ultra Nourishair" in formulas for men and women, the pills are taken daily, 2 pills... Read More »