Does the Rebel XTi have a bulb setting?

Answer Canon USA's EOS Digital Rebel XTi single lens reflex (SLR) camera offers a variety of automatic, partially manual and fully manual exposure controls, including the manual bulb setting. The bulb set... Read More »

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How to Use the Bulb Setting on the Nikon D70?

A long exposure using the bulb settingThe bulb setting allows for long exposure; usually for shots like night photography or shooting fireworks. This article will show you how to do that with the N... Read More »

Canon Rebel XSi "Bulb" mode + remote = Doesn't work?

Yes, there is a setting to enable the IR receiver but it's not anywhere in the menu and it's not an obvious setting either. No wonder so many people have trouble with it. You have to change the d... Read More »

Does the nikon coolpix p100 have a bulb setting?

no the Nikon Coolpix P100 does not have a bulb setting. but you can set your shutter speed to 8 seconds, you will just have to "light paint" really fast.

Will my 35mm lenses from my Cannon Rebel work on a digital Rebel?

First off, Throivan doesn't know what he/she's talking about. You can always use Film lenses on Digital SLR cameras. You cannot always use Digitally specific lenses on Film cameras. When you use a ... Read More »